Why Side of the Hill?
It is understood that my surname 'Fecitt', which is an old Lancashire name,
means 'colours on the side of the hill'. 
If you're up on a hill you can see all that is laid out below you and get a good picture of where you need to go and what you need to do. I always try and get a wider picture of my clients, their place in the market and their brief before I start any creative work. Not only does it ensure we get the brief right for the client but it helps to spot any opportunities where we might change direction slightly in order to be more impactful and make the ideas work harder.

My background
I have a solid background in marketing and print design, working in large B2C marketing agencies on clients such as The Guardian, Masterfoods brands including Maltesers and Twix. There I learned about the importance of branding and how it isn't just about a brandmark, it's about an overall picture of the brand, including the kind of imagery you use, the tone of voice in all communications and how you utilise all those elements to make every piece of artwork feel like it comes from the same family.
When I decided to go freelance in 2009 I wanted to take that 'big brand thinking' and use it to help any small businesses that needed design work, offering them the opportunity to have great design and the same branding ethos that helps bring all elements together.
I have moved more into digital design since 2009, developing my skills and knowledge in front-end design for websites, emails and mobile apps directly for individual clients as well as part of a team within an agency environment. Having built several small sites myself, I have some knowledge of HTML programming which I have found extremely beneficial when creating larger scale front-end designs.
I still love the buzz of working in larger agencies. Within these I can be part of a bigger team, creating larger scale projects and keeping up to date with the latest tech, marketing and design trends.

What next?
I have been working more in the digital side over the last few years, watching technology and the way we use it change rapidly. My next challenge is to keep offering design services but to move with that technology and enable my clients services to keep moving forward as well. I've been looking into how I can better deliver responsive websites to clients in an easier and more usable way and I am now in a position to do this!